About Us

The Quote Company was founded in Perth, Australia in 2011 to generate quality sales leads at a time when residential solar installations were booming.

By 2012, we’d supplied more than 100,000 sales leads to more than 200 solar installers throughout Australia.

In 2013, we branched out to the US market and in 2015 opened operations in the UK and Ireland.

We believe we stand out from the competition due to a few factors: Our superior customer service and our dedication to making life easier for customers by taking the hassle out of finding reliable service providers. We make life easier for suppliers by delivering a consistent and reliable flow of sales leads – where and when they want them.

Our History

Super TQC
TQC venturing into more industries
We started operations in the UK & Ireland
Australia's largest solar lead provider
TQC branched out to the US market
We generated our 100,000th leads
TQC kick started in Australia

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