When hiring an electrician, you want to be sure that you are hiring a good one. A great way to get peace of mind is by asking you electrician allot of questions to ascertain if he will be able to complete the work that you require of him.

If you are looking for an electrician to do a significant amount of work around your home, you must make sure that they are experienced and prepared to handle the job at hand. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask to be able to find the right guy to deal with your electrical works:

Are you licensed?

To start off, for someone who claims to be an electrician should have a license. This tells you that he has been through lots of trainings and he has a great knowledge of this field.

Are you insured?

This is the most important question to ask your electrician especially when the work is for your overall house. You have to know this in case something happens, like a fire due to faulty wiring. This means, if your electrician is insured, he could replace all the contents of your home that be potentially be destroyed by his work.

What kind of work do you do most?

Just like any electrician, they often specialize on one area or another. Though it’s better to find someone who is focused on one area only to make sure that the job would be done accordingly and to avoid mistakes. 

What special training do you have for this kind of work?

If your electrician has experience in the project that you’re offering, he would be able to put in ideas on how it can be done and be able to input some advanced techniques.

Will you provide references for past and recent jobs similar to mine?

References or testimonials are just one of the important ways to prove that your electrician is not misleading you.

What does your estimate include?

Frankly, you are more likely responsible for anything as this is your project. Asking about the estimate will give you an idea that your electrician isn’t or is ripping you off. Ask for a breakdown of things that will be included, like incidentals, repairing drywall and other things affected by the electrical work.

Will I need a permit?

This ensures electrical work will be checked by a city inspector, like an important safeguard for homeowners.

Who will perform the work?

Usually, the one you talk to is the one you think who will do all the work. Don’t assume that as with big projects, it is usually done by a team. The one you talk to is an electrician that comes with a team. He makes sure that his team works very well and covers whatever may happen along the way. Also, knowing this, discuss up front the rates of each electrician depending on their expertise.

These are just some of the few important questions that you should be asking your electrician to ensure your home a safe place to live in and that you get what your money is worth.

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