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What customers are saying about our services


The advice given was thorough and invaluable and enabled us to select a good local supplier. The installation was efficient and the follow up service was prompt and appropriate. We are enjoying the electricity cost savings and the satisfaction that we're doing our bit to combat global warming.

D Dunn
Adelaide, SA

Easy to use, great follow-up by Solar Market, initial request only had one or two contacts out of three but follow-up by Solar Market meant more contacts to give me options when choosing Solar. Also meant I had a better look at the options before choosing so I ended up with a suitable expandable system instead of a hire purchase agreement for 9 years.

M. Reynolds
Paradise, SA

Solar Market sent us three referrals. One who wanted to push their preferred system and not listen to what we wanted. One did not make the effort to engage and meet. The last one was terrific. Asked what we wanted to achieve and how much future proofing we wanted to build in. Designed a system that met these needs, priced it well, and explained both upside and downside of the installation. All installed and working without issue. Producing more than 500kWh/ month for the last 2 months. Thanks to Phil and the team at Clean Energy Solar. You get an EXCELLENT rating from this customer. Thanks Solar Market for connecting us. Your service was great.

B. Gascoigne
Morrabbin, VIC

I was contacted immediately and was very happy with the service. It saved me the leg work and I had 3 quotes with in days.

M. Leader
North Nowra, NSW