Why RateSetter?

RateSetter and The Quote Company New Partnership
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Hi Supplier,

The Quote Company are proud to announce a partnership with “RateSetter“, a leading peer-to-peer lender that established a “Green Loan” marketplace to specifically fund clean energy products in Australia.

RateSetter and The Quote Company

Why RateSetter?


  • The RateSetter group is one of the world’s largest peer-to-peer lenders with an unrivalled track record
  • Interest rates typically 4 – 8% lower than traditional lenders
  • Rapid approval times accompanied with outstanding customer service
  • Multi-Award-Winning Company within the financial and customer service sectors
  • The Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation has invested $20 million into RateSetter, marking the first investment by an Australian Government body through an Australian Peer-to-Peer lending platform.

In addition to the reasons above, The Quote Company feels the cutting-edge technology that RateSetter offers through their dedicated partner portals will integrate with your company’s sales process smoothly.

The Quote Company also finds comfort in the fact that RateSetter are experts in the financing of ‘Green Loans’ and to have received investment and backing from the Government’s Clean Energy and Finance Corporation (CEFC).

How it works for you

Your company will go through a very short accreditation process and training directly with RateSetter to be able to offer RateSetter as a finance option to your prospective customers.

Thereafter, your consultants will be able to sit with clients, offer your normal solar consultation and then use the RateSetter loan application to seek a loan approval within minutes – All within the customer’s home.

Quicker Application time hopefully means more deals done!

Start Your Accreditation Process Now

Ultimately, it will only cost you some minutes to become accredited with RateSetter and then you have them as another option to facilitate your prospective customers’ financial needs.

Happy Selling!

RateSetter and The Quote Company New Partnership Start Your Accreditatin Process Now