Close Sales and Receive More Business By Offering RateSetter’s Green Loan Finance To Prospective Customers!

Close more sales and receive business by offering Ratesetters Green Loan!
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Having already assisted so many of our suppliers to sign up, RateSetter is a great finance option to offer customers interested in energy efficient products.

What Is The Offer?

RateSetter offers Green Loans with interest rates as low as 6.9% p.a. to customers who are interested in purchasing energy efficient products such as solar PV systems. With interest rates this low your customers could potentially cover the repayments with their solar savings!

RateSetter’s Green Loans are backed by the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation who have invested $20 million into making RateSetter one of the world’s largest peer to peer lenders*.

RateSetter’s ground breaking online platform also allows your customers to apply for finance with ease and in minutes, meaning you can start your process and installation sooner!

*Peer to peer lender involves borrowing money through a company/person instead of a bank

How Will It Benefit My Business?

  • Close sales and receive more business by offering RateSetter’s Green Loan finance
  • Stand out against competitors by providing customers with finance as low as 6.9% p.a.
  • Be partnered with a reputable and Government supported finance company
  • Have your customers apply for finance in minutes with an easy online platform
  • Customers can be conditionally approved online instantly!
  • Start installations sooner with quickly approved finance for your customers!

What’s It Going To Cost?

Nothing at all!

There are no hidden fees and it’ll only take minutes of your time to apply for accreditation! You could be accredited as early as 24-48hrs after submitting your application!

Training Provided!

RateSetter will provide you with a welcome pack and training (via phone or in person) so you and your employees know the Green Loan process and feel confident in talking your customers through the finance option.

We Actively Promote Finance To Customers And Prospective Leads

We actively promote low interest finance to our customers and leads who are wanting to install but can’t afford the upfront costs. By becoming accredited with RateSetter you’ll be able to provide your customers with some of the lowest interest rate loans out there!

Start Your Accreditation Process Now
Start Your Accreditation Process Now

Close more sales and receive business by offering Ratesetters Green Loan! Start Your Accreditatin Process Now