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Choosing a natural gas hot water system is a great idea if you’re looking to save money.

For a household using 200L of hot water per day, a natural gas system can save around $200 a year.

Running Cost Comparison Chart

Gas systems are also far better for the environment than wasteful electric systems. Gas systems produce as little as a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of electric systems.

CO2-e Emissions Comparison Chart

Source: Alinta Gas

There are two types of gas hot water systems – storage systems and continuous flow systems

Storage Systems

Storage systems heat the water slowly and store it in an insulated tank at the right temperature for use throughout the day.

  • Supplies hot water at mains pressure.
  • Best option if you need larger quantities of hot water, eg., to fill a bath tub.
  • Takes up more space than continuous flow systems, but normally out of the way at the side of the house.

Continuous Flow Systems

Continuous flow (also called instantaneous) systems heat the water as it is required, removing the need for a storage tank. These heaters are connected to the mains water supply and deliver heated water at a slightly reduced pressure than cold water.

  • Your home will not run out of hot water.
  • Can be installed internally or externally.
  • Some modern systems include a temperature control pad so you can set the temperature of the hot water coming out the tap.

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