Personal recommendations are always a good place to start if you need a plumber.
Use your network to see if anyone knows a plumber who does a great job at a reasonable price.
Ask as many questions as politely possible. Did the plumber turn up when they said they would? Did the plumber have the right equipment in their truck so they could fix the problem straight away? Did the plumber clean up after themselves? Was the plumber a good listener? Did the plumber find the right solution to your problem?

Get online and do a search for a plumber in your region. A plumber who is serious about their business will have a quality website that loads quickly, looks professional and is easy to navigate. The website should have all the information you need about the plumber along with client testimonials. Call one of the plumber’s clients to hear first hand what they have to say about the plumber in question.

If you still have no luck, contact your local plumbing supply store. Because they are dealing with plumbers every day they may be able to recommend a trustworthy and reliable plumber in your region.

Talk to the Master Plumbers Association. They may have more tips you should consider when choosing a plumber.
Once you decide on a plumber, talk to them about your problem before actually giving them the job. You will quickly get an idea if they know what they are talking about. Ask them for references. A good plumber should be happy to provide references as they will be proud of their work.

Also it’s wise to ask to see a plumber’s qualifications. Check the authenticity of the paperwork and if in doubt call the Master Plumbers Association for help. Most plumbers are registered with the MPA.

Don’t rush into choosing a plumber and if someone comes to your door offering their plumbing services be very wary. A good plumber won’t need to door knock to get business. It could be someone dodgy. Choose a plumber under your terms not theirs!
Look for a plumber who will guarantee their work and ask about their charges before you begin.
And get a couple of free quotes so you can compare costs before deciding on the plumber who will do the work.
A good plumber will have plenty of experience and know the right solution for your plumbing requirements.

Finding the right plumber will save you time and hassle in the long run so it’s well worth doing your homework before you make your final decision.

Good luck with finding the right plumber for you!


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